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Taylor Nations

Sabino High School

4A-5A Scholar Athlete Finalist

Taylor is  young lady of unmatched talent, ability and joy that is evident not only in the pool, but in the classroom, as well as with her friends and peers. Taylor is a swimmer with unquestionable ability. Throughout her high school years, Taylor has enjoyed numerous victories, including the mostrecent of winning both of her individual events (100 butterfly and 100 backstroke) as well as helping secure a first and second place inish for her relay teams at the Arizona State meet. Her success has not only been limited to her senior year, she has earned multiple top 8 finishes her freshman year, and top 3 finishes both her sophomore and junior years. Taylor displays outstanding sportsmanship, not only to those of her team but to her greatest rivals and opponents. While she has experienced wild success, she remains humble and always has a minute to spare for teammates, friends, coaches, parents and reporters.

As a student, Taylor has challenged herself academically choosing to take courses that provide a tremendous amount of rigor. She enrolled in AP World History, AP Unitied States History, AP English and AP English Literature. She has managed to compile a 3.8 unweighted GPA all while maintaining a year-round swiumming workout schedule. Not only does Taylor excel in the pool but she is a very talented artist. She has an commplished background in video photography and short-film production. Taylor has produced short films for Sabino's school district media director to share on the distirct website. Taylor is a good role model and a conscientious student. She is efficient, networks with peers, seeks new experiences and is an impressive individual.

Taylor plans to attend the University of Arizona where she will pursue a degree in Information Science and Art with a minor in Film and Prodcution. 


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